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  jEnesis - Java Genesis/32X Emulator  
 At last i did something useful...  2006-11-01 00:08:03 
  Well, this didnt really happen today, but Erik Duijs tried to use jEnesis' M68000 core in his Java arcade emulator JEMU2 ... and it seems to work ;) JEMU2 emulates the Sega X-Board/Y-Board now, which have 3/2 M68000 cpus. Check it out, you can play After Burner II, Galaxy Force II, Rail Chase, G-LOC Air Battle, Power Drift and many more classic arcade games on his website!  
 32X emulation update  2006-06-26 00:00:00 
  I made some nice progress concerning the speed of 32X emulation.
You can read about it, and see some screenshots on the jEnesis Blog, where i will post jEnesis news from now on.
 A little preview for jEnesis v0.1  2006-06-14 00:00:00 
  I bumped the version number up a bit, due to recent progress.
As you can see, i worked on a SH2 core and now the 32X is basically emulated - for the first time in Java as far as i know.
It's actually a bit faster than the screenshots show, but still not really fast enough. 25-35fps on my 1.8GHz Athlon XP.
So i'll be working on speeding it up and fixing some bugs that are still in the SH2 core until i release it.
 jEnesis v0.0.5  2006-05-14 00:00:00 
  - some minor changes in LWJGL initialization
- some bugfixes
 jEnesis v0.0.4  2006-05-07 00:00:00 
  - fixed overlapping operator pixels (Vectorman 2 baloon sprites)
- rendering switched to LWJGL with enormous speed increase in scaled modes and using VSync in fullscreen mode
   to avoid Java timing issues
- fixed ROXL and NEG flag bug, making a lot more games work properly
- Made M68000 Reset instruction not having any effect (fixed Dragon's Revenge..)
- M68000 TAS write cycle is ignored now (Gargoyles)
- fixed Illegal Instruction Exceptions (Dyna Brothers 2, Heavy Nova...)
- fixed Move Instruction timings (Sailormoon Intro bug)
- fixed window behavior in certain situations (Mario Andretti Racing, World Championship Soccer 2,
   M1 Abrams Battle Tank...)
- added window granular clipping (Dragon Ball Z)
- improved Motorola 68000 - Zilog Z80 responiveness
- added Cpu freezing during DMA and DMA busy flag emulation (fixing Galahad, Eternal Champions,
   Street Fighter Games, F1 World Championship and many others...)
- more accurate Interrupt timing and HVCounter (Panorama Cotton, Burning Force, Galahad, Lotus 1+2 and others)
- fixed DMA fills again (Landstalker)
- made VDP emulation more accurate, also showing mirrored sprites in Castlevania now.
- added VDP window bug emulation
- added VDP invalid horizontal scroll size emulation
- Added Sprite Overflow and Sprite Collision flag emulation
- Corrected sprite pixel overflow setting in too early (Flink)
- Sprite masking documentation seemed not to be precise, so i experimented a bit, and changed it. It now works
   like in the big 2... and Majikaru Hashito no Butsutobi Turbo! Daibouken has feet now ... yeah ;)
- Fixed 128*64 Background Layers (Barkley Shut Up and Jam, Dragon Slayer 1+2 - Legend of Heroes)
- Fixed SRAM detection if not declared in the rom header (NBA JAM TE, Blockbuster Competition 2, Buck Rogers...)
- Added emulation and detection of the X24C01 EEPROM. (Wonderboy in Monsterworld, Megaman can be saved)
- Added emulation and detection of the X24C02P EEPROM. (NBA JAM can now be saved)
- Added new icon indicating that a game uses an EEPROM
- Made Rom validation a bit less restrictive, allowing more beta and unlicenced games to boot
- Display name of the game now gets detected depending on the region of the game. If it seems "unreadable",
   the filename gets displayed
- Added support for .gen roms
- Added .7z support for normal loading of a rom, as well as for the "Browse Zip" option, which therefore got
   renamed to "Browse Archive". The support for solid .7z archives might still be a bit buggy!
   I also cant guarantee that it can open every .7z archive atm.
   There is also support for plain .lzma files through the "Open Rom" dialog.
 jEnesis v0.0.3  2006-03-21 00:00:00 
  - Implemented YM2612 & PSG Emulation, meaning jEnesis has sound now...
- Included Z80 Core by Razvan Surdulescu, also making a lot more games work, that require it to run.
- Fixed numerous Motorola 68000 opcodes, like BCD Instrucions, fixing scores in many games.
- redesigned CPU Core and Memory Handling with speed increase of ~100%
- huge speed increase in filter modes
- added 6-Button Pad support
- fixed DMA fills and copies (Warsong, Contra..)
- added 2Cells VScroll (Gynoug)
- too many bugfixes to mention...
 jEnesis v0.0.2  2006-01-01 00:00:00 
  - Everything written completely from scratch
- Custom Java Motorola68000 CPU core
- VDP emulation with all DMA modes
- Horizontal & Vertical Interrupts
- Support for PAL/NTSC and all country codes
- 100% pure Java Code
- .smd, .bin & .zip support
- .smd files can be saved to .bin format
- SRAM save/load support
- Line based renderer
- Scroll Layers A+B & Window rendering with priorities
- Sprite rendering with priorities & sprite limitation
- Shadow/Highlight Mode - 1x-3x resolution
- Filter - 6-Button Pad support
- Visual M68000 & VDP debugger
- Checksum autofix
- Applet Version
- YM2612 & SN76489 Emulation

Thanks to:
- Erik Duijs (for his inspiring work on JEMU2 and for being a friend)
- St�phane Dallongeville (for the help and for being extremely nice and patient ;) )
- Charles MacDonald & Bart Trzynadlowski for all their work and great documentation
- Razvan Surdulescu for letting me use his Java Z80 core in the meantime
Stephan Dittrich  ©2008